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Open Document Management Architecture (OpenDMA)

The Open document management architecture (OpenDMA) is an independent, free and open interface for content management systems.

The basic architecture is based on a strong object-oriented approach.

OpenDMA comprises:

  • An abstract object oriented architecture that is able to cover all existing document management systems (the domain model)
  • A Rule Set how to map this abstract architecture to a specific programming language
  • A XML Schema defining how to reprsent entities of the abstract architecture in XML
  • API definitions for various programming languages (Java, C#, C++, PHP, ...)
  • The Adaptor Manager as service to manage and access Adaptor implementations for different repositories
  • Implementations of an OpenDMA Adaptor for different repositories
  • XML Exporter that creates a XML file from a (sub-) set of entities in an existing repository
  • The XML Repository implementation that provides the entities defined in an XML file as OpenDMA repository
  • The OpenDMA Manager Eclipse Plug-In
  • Tons of documentation and demo source code