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Available applicatios

The following applications have already been built on the current OpenDMA code base:

Client applications:

OpenDMA Manager Eclipse Plug-In:
A full featured manager for OpenDMA as Eclipse Plug-In. It cmoes with built-in adaptors for different vendors, but is also able to load custom OpenDMA adaptors. The full structure of an repository (class hierarchy, folder tree) is exposed.

OpenDMA manager:
A Swing GUI application that exposes the entire structure of an OpenDMA repository for administrative purpose.

OpenDMA XML Exporter:
Creates an XML file from the entire content of an repository.

OpenDMA XML Repository:
A in-memory OpenDMA repository that reads its content from an XML file.

Repository adaptors:

  • FileNet P8 Daphne adaptor
  • IBM Content Manager adaptor
  • CMIS adaptor