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Meetingpoint: Office-Integration

All Microsoft® Office applications from version XP on have the built-in ability to directly work with documents and information stored on a remote web server. Meetingpoint perfectly exploits these capabilities and offers a seamless integration of document management processes into your productivity applications.
And all of that out of the box — without the need to install any Add-on into your Office applications.

Document Management

You can directly browse the content of your document libraries right inside the file dialog of any Office application. Just enter the URL of your Meetingpoint site into the "file name" input line. Open documents, make modifications and then store them right back to your Meetingpoint. Meetingpoint automatically manages concurrent access by file locks and keeps track of changes by a version history.

Quickly access related information

While a document is opened for editing in Office 2003, the "Shared Workspace" panel is displayed next to the document. It contains the list of your team members, all tasks assigned to you and important links stored in the same Meetingpoint site.

Connect with Outlook® 2003

You can connect Outlook® 2003 to a Meetingpoint site. All contacts and events stored in that Meetingpoint site are then displayed by Outlook's default user interface.